Since version 3.8 has been released with a new structure for friedly URLs.

Friendly URLs now & then

Up to Joomla 3.7.x friendly URLs were displayed as follows:

The number 31 in it refers to the article's ID in the system. For search engines and humans this information is not relevant. The new router system removes the ID number. Thus, URLs can be displayed as follows:

Enabling the new URL router

  1. Install Joomla with Install Sample Data;
  2. Go to the Administrator;
  3. Browse to Content > Articles
  4. Click on Options at the top right corner of the Admin area;
  5. Under Integrations, look for the URL Routing field and select Modern;
  6. You will see an option labelled Remove IDs from URLs. Click Yes;
  7. Save & Close.

This feature can be enabled individually in Contacts, Users, and Newsfeeds. Repeat the steps above wherever you want it enabled.

Go to the FrontEnd and test the new routing.

Although not mandatory, it is recommended to be enabled from now on to better suit your SEO needs.




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