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Take a look around and it is easy to see that the presence of social media all around and the market is attentive to this movement. If your customers use it, your business should use it as well.

Think about a good conversation you've had lately. What do you remember? Who were you with? What subjects were covered? Did you receive or pass on any relevant information? Has this conversation helped you make a decision on any pending issues? Or was it you who helped the person you were talking with?

Social media enables, streamlines and strengthens this conversation between humans without the need for physical presence. Therefore, it is important to reflect on how to interact, engage, respect and appreciate the people who use these tools.

There is no shame in asking questions

A conversation involves at least two people. Which scenario do you prefer: to be quiet while another person talks nonstop or exchange ideas and feel as important as the person who started the conversation?

If you paused to ponder about this question, you turned to yourself and had your attention drawn to the subject. Asking is a way to engage people and give people the chance to contribute. Use social media to start conversations, ask, research, and learn more about your audience. Involvement continues and expands.

Respect the time of others as much as possible

When you seek the involvement of people with your social networks, respecting their time you win their admiration. Be clear, direct and honest. Show them where you want to go. Plan, outlining the content that will be presented and which media will be used. Let your audience know quickly and in clear fashion how they can interact with you.

And remember also to keep moderated the interaction with them.

Pay attention to those who give you attention

When you are promoting your brand, products or services and building your reputation, it is important to establish a good relationship with your audience. This is a two-way street and on the other side, your audience wants to know if you value them and their contributions.

Offer more than your content. Indicate products or services that add to what you offer, give a little more of you than people expect, consciously.

Build a constant exchange with your audience and promote these people on your social networks because they are as important to you as you are to them.

Learn from your audience

Many of the good ideas I've had happened after a conversation with friends, business partners, clients, readers of my blog, and people interacting with me on social networks. Being aware of the skills of others and what they know opens the way to improving products and services offered. Giving your audience the opportunity to express their opinions is the best way to find out what they know.

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