Marcelo Novaes Branding

Representing the need of a small business to get to know itself on a deeper level was the first step to creating Marcelo Novaes Branding logo.

With 25+ years of experience in sales for a luxury brand, through his presentations and mentoring, one-on-one or in groups, Marcelo has been guiding professionals in the authoral jewelry industry in Brazil.

Marcelo Novaes Branding - Logo

A curved typeface was chosen to represent different paths the brand might follow.

At the same time, they symbolize questions clients may have on how to proceed with their businesses.

In white, we see the initials MN. Right above it, inverted and upside down, in golden-yellow. This represents its clients paying close attention to what they are being taught in presentations and mentoring meetings.

Bellow it, the signature uses a versatile typeface, balanced and legible.

Marcelo Novaes Branding - Logo

Logo version to be used on white/lighter backgrounds. In a way, this is the “negative” version.

Thus, Marcelo Novaes’ initials – MN – are displayed in black.

Marcelo Novaes Branding - Paleta de cores

The brand’s color palette uses black and golden yellow.

Black evokes transformation, self-knowledge, and seriousness, in a positive way. Golden yellow refers to success, prosperity, wisdom, quality, and value.

These are the main features of a brand’s essence that stand out in the market.

Marcelo Novaes Branding - Tipografia

The brand design was based on  OMINIUM MEDIUM typeface and the signature on ACUMIN PRO WIDE MEDIUM typeface.

Marcelo Novaes Branding - Cartão de Visitas

This is a mockup of the brand’s business card.

Bold, yet elegant, it stands out due to its colors.